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Discover the ESTRAN® Series of our Impregnation Range thanks to leather frames!

Continued collaboration with Acuitis, NaturePlast and CapGemini in the ESTRAN® series.

NaturePlast has developed a personalized formulation to improve the properties of the compound using advanced techniques such as grinding and micronization of leather scraps. Thus, by skillfully combining a luxury co-product - the scraps of leather powder collected in the Masure vegetable tannery - We have created an exclusive composition for original, biocompatible and innovative frames.

We would also like to thank Capgemini's expertise for life cycle analysis, demonstrating a reduced carbon footprint compared to a conventional cellulose acetate frame.

This unique blend offers a warm and singular touch, while the wearing of our frames is light and comfortable, ensuring a pleasant experience throughout the day. In addition, our approach is always based on eco-design, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Our ESTRAN® Impregnation frames are available at Acuitis in a range of elegant colors, including Burgundy, Pink, Taupe, Blue, Brown and Black, so that you can find the model perfectly suited to your style and personality:


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