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Glasses based on oyster shells

Arkema has collaborated with NaturePlast and MB PRODUCTION to continue to offer its customers more durable materials for glasses. 😎

The material of these glasses based on oyster shells is made of partially recycled polyamide 11 and incorporates recycled scallop shells. The final frames have a low carbon footprint, strong mechanical properties and a unique ceramic finish! 🦪 👓


  • NaturePlast is a renowned player in bioplastics, ranging from biosourced materials to biodegradable materials. They have been committed for several years to the development of the circular economy through various projects aimed at promoting locally the by-products of different French industries and in particular by formulating standard or personalized bio-plastic compounds.

  • Arkema is a French chemical group, more particularly specialty chemistry and performance materials. 21,000 employees use their knowledge and skills to face the various major challenges of our world! Innovation is at the heart of their businesses: "we give a new meaning to our materials by inventing or reinventing their design, value and destination"!

Lunettes Arkema
Lunettes Arkema


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