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Make your collections with IMPRÉGNATION®, our range of exclusive materials, and put the ecological transition at the heart of your identity!

By opting for our OFG certified materials, you are resolutely committed to a more sustainable and responsible future. ♻️✨


1️⃣ LIGER®: Opt for our recycled materials. We value our acetate scraps by recycling them by color, thus offering a varied range of choices for your frames. You can find this example on our post in collaboration with MéGO 🎨👓

2️⃣ FUSION®: Give preference to our injected/cut materials. Producing cheaper, faster while maintaining optimal quality, that's what we offer you. From acetate in colored granules, we create unique frames through a meticulous injection process. 💡💼

3️⃣ ESTRAN®: Dare our compound materials. By combining natural co-products such as shellfish, algae, or minerals, we offer you exclusive compositions for original and ecological frames. Find multiple examples such as with mother-of-pearl, leather... 🌿🌊

We will also offer you communication devices to promote your brand through your products.



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