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We have redefined our fundamental values

We are proud to announce the redefinition of our corporate values at an enriching collaborative meeting. With the participation of 10 employees representative of our various professions, we followed the CK innovation methodology, guided by the valuable value maps provided by RESECUM during our TOP2 program.🃏👓

During this session, everyone first had the opportunity to propose a selection of key values using the maps, through a process that resulted in a lively and constructive discussion. All the values have been listed on a table. In a second step, each participant was awarded 6 points to be distributed according to their own convictions. The 6 values that obtained the most support were elevated to the rank of our fundamental values :

♻️ The environment,

🇫🇷 The know-how,

🤝 Respect,

🎖️ The quality,

👥 Team spirit,

💡 Innovation.

For us, these values are not simply words, but pillars on which our daily actions are based. We are committed to embodying them in all our interactions, cultivating them carefully and proudly sharing them with our customers, suppliers and institutional partners. 🌍💼


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