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Reducing our carbon footprint : a priority.

A major issue of our time, reducing the environmental impact inherent in the manufacture of glasses is one of our priorities.

We are working to improve the life cycle of our materials, components and products:


  • Local sourcing


  • New materials (recycled, bio-sourced, low impact, ...)

  • Exploitation and reprocessing of scrap materials


  • Energy consumption


  • Fondamental research


  • Reduce the journey of our raw materials.

Development of new polymers

Biobased materials reduce the use of fossil materials. MB Production pursues a continuous R&D action in order to use bio-based materials always more efficient in the sense of their life cycle. Significant improvements are initiated and developed in this booming sector.

EMC2 competitiveness cluster member

MB Production is a member of the EMC competitiveness cluster

Circular economy, sustainable industry, innovation in materials are major axes for EMC2 and for MB Production. The research of bio-based raw materials, the development of new design approaches and the integration of MB Production into the bioeconomy are priorities of the EMC2 cluster.

Développement de nouveaux matériaux
Adhérent EMC2
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