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Small and medium series

Since 1991, we have built strong relationships with our customers thanks to our ability to adapt to their needs and expectations.

From small to medium series, we support you in your collection creation project.


Petites et Moyennes séries
Nos outils

Crafts and technology.


Our desire is to perpetuate a century-old know-how. This is why our oldest machines date from 1946. Their manipulation is manual and requires a perfect knowledge of each tool. We also use many CNC machines to ensure precision cutting and a perfect finish.


For 15 years, we have used the French company Oaxa for the design and construction of our machining centers.

For the design and realization of your projects, we use the CAD / CAM software, Lona 4. It allows us to 3D model your drawings and the realization of prototypes on a 5-axis machining center dedicated to the design office.

Our tools

For mass machining, we have:


  • 3 machines 5 axes for the machining of the faces

  • 2 automatic machines for machining branches (frame shooting, cutting, engraving)


These state-of-the-art CNC centers bring us a gain in precision, optimization and rationalization of our machining.



Assembly & finishing

We also have all the machines necessary for the various and numerous stages of manufacturing for the realization of your frames:


  • Hinge inlay machines

  • Angleuses

  • Machine for bending and spreading branches

  • Riveter for riveted assemblies

  • Galvo type CO2 laser for marking and identifying frames

  • Tempographic printing machines

  • Washing line

  • Barrel chains for sanding and polishing workpieces

  • Glass machining center

  • Polishing drums


This machine park allows us to carry out our manufacturing in total autonomy.

Assemblage & finition

MB Production is certified "Origine France Garantie (OFG)" (French Origin Guaranted) since the 6th of August 2020.

What does this certification means ?​

MB Productions produces eyewear frames in Nantes, France. We have decided to get certified by OFG in order to provide our clients with a better information about our materials and production processes.

In fact, to get OFG certified, we have to certify and prove that at least 50 to 100% of the essential caracteristics of our products are acquired in France. In our specific case, it means that machining and/or injection are processed in France.

In comparison, applying only "made in France" does not ensures about the amount of added value produced in France. With the OFG certification, we confirm that at least 50% of the value of our products is made in France

Origine France Garantie

Origine France Garantie
OFG BVCert.png
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