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Your frames from A to Z

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From basic technical assistance to the complete design of your models, MB Production offers a complete design support service.

Strong of 30 years of experience and resolutely focused on the future, we constantly monitor trends in design applied to eyewear. Do not hesitate to contact us, present your project to us, and we will be able to offer you services perfectly suited to your needs.


  • This Innovative collection of Eco-Designed Materials places the ecological transition at the heart of your brand and allows you to benefit from certifications: ISCC+, OFG...


    Our innovative range comes in 3 series, offering various compositions:


    LIGER ®: Recycled materials: We recover our acetate scraps that we recycle by color to offer them to you in a catalog. You simply choose a color, then we make your recycled frames.


    FUSION ®: Injected/cut materials: We produce granulated acetate in color, then inject them to make your frames.


    ESTRAN ®: Compound materials: innovative mixtures via natural co-products such as shellfish, algae, etc. We help you choose a material, create an exclusive formulation and then we manufacture your frames.


Technical expertise

Beyond the composition, we implement various methods of realization for the plates. Each method, from extrusion molding to injection, compression, co-extrusion, or hot compression molding, is carefully adapted to the required specifications, giving each plate distinct characteristics. For example, injection molding makes it possible to obtain preformed plates by heating and injecting the raw material into molds, while rolling superimposes thin layers of sheets, offering a diversity of thicknesses, colors and making it possible to make scales.


We offer you an internal prototyping service with a dedicated machining center, offering the possibility to validate your creations before the production phase.


A prototype manager is at your disposal to guide you throughout the prototype manufacturing process. If necessary, it can provide you with solutions to the identified critical points, whether by strengthening solidity or solving specific problems. We are committed to guaranteeing the quality and reliability of each stage of your project.


Assembly & Finishes

We have all the necessary machines at the different and numerous stages of manufacturing, this allows us to carry out our production in total autonomy.

  • Machines for inlaying hinges

  • Anglers

  • Machine for bending and spatulating branches

  • Riveter for riveted assemblies

  • Galvo type CO2 laser for marking and identification

  • Pad printing machines

  • Washing line

  • Barrel chains

  • Polishing wheels



Whether for series, ranging from 100 to 3000 pieces per model, we are at your side to realize your collection creation project.


MB Production adjusts to your needs, at competitive rates. Thanks to our state-of-the-art tools and our experienced team, we are able to design your ranges and ensure restocking from small quantities.


You will benefit from constant manufacturing quality and careful follow-up, regardless of the extent of your needs.

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