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We are committed to embodying them in each of our actions, cultivating them on a daily basis and sharing them with pride.

Plongée dans le récif


Our commitment to the environment is manifested by our adherence to a circular economic model, thus minimizing our environmental footprint. We adopt sustainable practices in all aspects of our business, from product design to manufacturing, distribution and end-of-life. We strive to recycle our waste, optimize the use of natural resources and promote ecological innovation to preserve our planet for future generations.


Respect is at the heart of our corporate culture. It is the commitment to sincere consideration and fair treatment of each individual. This involves actively listening, recognizing opinions and contributions, and acting with empathy and understanding. We value the diversity of ideas and people, thus creating an environment where everyone feels safe and respected. In addition, respect is reflected in simple but significant gestures, such as being punctual, not tolerating harassment and promoting a positive atmosphere at work.

Hommes au travail

Team spirit

Team spirit is at the heart of our collective success. We believe in the strength of collaboration, trust and mutual support to achieve our common goals. This means cultivating a positive and inclusive working atmosphere where everyone feels valued and encouraged to contribute fully. We promote the exchange of ideas, the resolution of problems in a team and the celebration of collective successes. By cultivating a strong team spirit, we are stronger together and able to meet the most complex challenges.


The know-how represents our commitment to professional excellence and mastery of our profession. This implies possessing the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to excel in our respective fields. We value continuous learning, innovation and the pursuit of excellence in everything we undertake. Through our know-how, we aim to offer high-quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.



Innovation is at the heart of our DNA. We value creativity, curiosity and are open to new ideas that come from our employees and our partners. We are always ready to explore new avenues to continuously improve our products, processes and services. By relying on innovation, we remain in the race on the market and we are even ahead of the future needs of our customers.


This is why we created the Impregnation range. It includes three categories: Liger (recycled materials), Fusion (injected materials) and Estran (composite materials). With these choices, we offer you the opportunity to innovate in your frames with certified, innovative and environmentally friendly materials.


Quality is our commitment to excellence in everything we do. We strive to provide the highest quality products and services, respecting the highest standards of reliability, performance and customer satisfaction. This means that we are attentive to details, that we are committed to perfection and that we aim for continuous improvement in all aspects of our work. Quality is the cornerstone of our reputation and the trust that our customers and partners place in us. It is also the quality of relationships, whether with a customer, a supplier or between employees.

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