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Opt for a production of frames produced from recycled glasses

We are delighted to continue our exclusive partnership with REGRIND™, a Swedish company that produces a material that makes it possible to create a new life for used frames. Here's how it works:

🔸 Collection and Sorting:

REGRIND™ collects used glasses, separates them and sorts them by color. At the end of an exclusive process, cellulose acetate is separated from metal and other materials, then transformed into new blocks ready to be machined. MB Production is the exclusive distributor REGRIND™ for France.

🔸Certification and recycling rate:

REGRIND™ is offered with or without ISCC+ certification. The recycling rate varies from 60 to 98% depending on the references chosen.

🔸 Manufacture of frames:

MB Production assists you in choosing the references of REGRIND™ materials, Then we use our unique know-how to create eco-designed, quality and durable frames, in order to support your brand in its transition process.

🌐 Découvrez le large choix de matières sur leur site web :



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