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Mobilized against plastic pollution at MB PRODUCTION!

Plastic pellets, widely used in industry, are the 2nd source of microplastic pollution in the oceans. Faced with this observation, as well as many responsible companies, we have made a concrete commitment to promote the circularization of our raw materials in order to present our customers with more responsible alternatives.

♻️ Recycling, one of our priority actions: 100% of our plastic waste is recycled into a new raw material, thus contributing to the reduction of our environmental footprint and thus avoiding contributing to the pollution of rivers and oceans.

🎨Florian Guilet created this inspiring work to symbolize our mission. By reusing our plates of recycled materials to shape unique fish, it reflects our commitment to the oceans against plastic pollution, as well as our desire to offer glasses from eco-responsible processes.

Oeuvre de Florian Guilet
Oeuvre de Florian Guilet


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